Thursday, January 12, 2012

New OBSESSION foreveralone


TQ Allah for the chance to take a breath today. Alhamdulillah

To all beloved readers, no matter who the hell are you, thanks a ton.heee

Ok, this time it is about my new obsession. Yeah. Beside of the obsession of thinking about to buy a house, paying rental car, etc, this one is take my breath away.

It is JENGx3...a site named All the trolls are there. So guy, if you feel lonely like ur friends prefer to hang out with other friend instead or,

Ur bf/gf mintak putus, just don't give a shit them, go to 9GAG.COM. Don't share with ur pep near you, just enjoy it alone! it's better that way. haha 

So guys, check them out now. LOL

Till next entry
p/s: gelak2 sorg2 sampai org pelik tgk. Gelak sorg2 lagik best!.


nur anis said...

gelak sesorang..mau orang tak pelik tengok..huhu

hanaahmad said...

ramai juga cakap pasal web ni.

FaizalSulaiman said...

social web yg baru ke cap?

Selendang Merah said...


Dayana AZ said...

LOL. Kawan-kawan Dayana kat college pun minat betul 9GAG ni :P

Dayana AZ said...

LOL, kawan-kawan Dayana dekat college pun minat betul dengan 9GAG :P

achik ezam said...

katanya forever alona padahal awekkssss kiri kanan atas bawah mihmihmhih

Edy Fee said...

thank to allah kita masih bernfas rini.ehhe