Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rules of Cheating


As always, thanks to Allah. Then tenkiu beri much to viewers of this blog, no matter u r accidentally been here, or my beloved loyal readers (are there?).

OK, as I'm in the englisg mood (as I'm working on essay for certain application) so I use english for this time.

Okeh. Rules of cheating. I bet everyone of you used to cheat rite. Ok, ok, maybe some of u r saying "no I'm not" or whatever it is, lets consider this: 

U r calling a cat, then the cat comes to you as it thought u gonna give it some food, but it is not. That is also consider cheating. U lied to the cat.

Lets move to the rules:

1. U must know, really2 know that : You can cheat. If u can't, please don't cheat.

2. Never tell people that u were lied.

Just two rules. Simple as that. So, lets cheat. LOL. Beside, do you know that people who cheat regularly, are tend to cheat without purposes.

And from the 2 rules above, the reason why u must obey them is bcoz, both of them prevent from someone else know the truth.

And when people know the truth, there are only HURT, DISAPPOINTED, ANGRY and STUPIDITY felt by them. The worse thing about cheating and lying that he or she know that u cheat or lie.

till next entry
p/s: avoid miscommunication.


Cik Tie@Akak said...

blogwalking malam-malam ni..:))

Bui Junaidi said...

tipu sunat takper kan..hehe

Siti Nor Salwa Che Lah said...

nk tipu pown kena da rule k????

FaizalSulaiman said...

sometrimes we can see in the eyes:)

done following:)