Thursday, December 15, 2011

the path YOU chosed, Yes, YOU chose!


Mengisi ruang waktu lapang ptg hari. TQ Allah for the evening n upcoming night n as always, tima kasih kpd readers.

I tot nak post this esok, but I just so so sooo touched by ma boss. Well, so much thing to say, just that, well. EMO la ko ni acap.LOL

Just completed my MBA, eh, silap. Just completed my application form for MBA. The last puzzle is the referee report from boss.

Well he took just a short time to fill it. But what he has filled is so touched my heart. The first thing that poped up on my mind is;

"am I appreciate what I have?" 

I have to agree with the quote, "kita menghargai sesuatu tu bila dah hilang". Now I'm gonna miss my past 2 years life.

Gonna rindu-rinduan dgn member2 tempat kerja, rindu dgn boss2, rindu working hours 8 to 5 yg byk educate me abt PUNCTUALITY.

(referee report, rase mcm nak nangis je, really supportive n emm,
i don't know what to say..hehe)

Why now I get this kind of feeling ek? well, I mmg hati batu pun before.

Maybe because aku agak jiwang2 kot for past few weeks.
Well, thank you boss(harap die tak bace blog ni..maluuuuuu)...hehehe.

"Ade jugak smthg yg menggembirakan 
aku waktu2 mcm ni"

Tapi, readers blog ni pun sesuatu yg menggembirakan jugak. Thanks u so much. Will visit ur sites ASAP. :D

Well, about the title, this is the path that I chose. 

B4, I just don't care or so-called, just follow the flow. pfftt. Hope dpt sambung.

till next entry
p/s: have few plans, A and B in my pocket.
lol, it's time for us to choose our own path.
Pleasseee, ALLAH guide me Pleaseee....


FaizalSulaiman said...


goodluck asyraf!!

Eazy Izzuddin said...

Selamat menyambung ke master ;)

syaher rehays said...

ngeee...bru nak msok dunia degree~ master in what eh?