Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not right ...


Do u ever be in a situation where when u hv done somthg wrong, everythg after that went wrong? People said that, it's useless if you resist yourself of what u are.

There r so many crappy quotes out there and i don't know how they came out with that kind of saying, it seems that they hv agenda back there.

What for sure is all that craps wouldn't works for all. Maybe they countered different kind of circumstances then they come out with that smarty sentences as if people basically face the same thing.

Forget about the quotes. Well, if your morning was so screwed, is it effect your life for the rest of the day? Like pagi tadi, ur car's tayar get flatted, then u was late to come to the office rite.

What if last night u have done somthg horrible, like slept with some bitches out there, or committed some nasty thing in webcam, or what ever it is, which then u felt so dirty noob loser, is it effects you on the next day?

Or just most of us easily ignore or forget what happened last night or yesterday. Or am I just not asking the right question?

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Bui Junaidi said...

apa yang dah berlaku,biarkan jer lah..cuma jgn mengulangi kesilapan yg sama

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

SaLam MaaL Hijrahh ;']

k2r evolution said...

i lurve quotes..

people always think they do something nonsense & horrible (we always do wrong bcuz no body perfect) ,, but actually we need to learn from that experience.. dont regret..